Monday, 4 June 2012

Brief 2 - Evaluation

This brief has introduced me to a different side of graphic design that I haven't previously visited. Make up design branding has to be very versatile to work across a whole range of products. It also has to stand out amongst the crowd in a very saturated market. The direction that I took with this brief was to design the branding to see a different side to make up branding as it is seen today. Make-up brands are seen as very self assured and strong, however this brief wanted to appeal to teenagers. From research it showed that teenagers adopt many different styles and as they are at a very influential stage in growing up they are experimenting and finding out hy they really are. The rebrand of 17 therefore aims to help teenagers in this transition between teens and adults, helping them to experiment freely and be accepted for being who ever they want to be - through the medium of make-up.

I feel I have learnt a lot about print finishes and packaging during this brief. I have also learnt a lot about the importance of understanding the needs of the target market. Understanding the target arket can mean the difference between your product working or flopping.

This brief also enabled me to experiment with pastel make-up on a photo shoot as part of my concept. I found the photo shoot a very enlightening experience. It taught me the importance of having a design direction and being able to direct people on set. Getting the right shot is key to making the advertisement work.

Weaknesses within this brief I feel lie within the production of the packaging and label designs. I searched for somewhere that I could get prototypes made for the packaging however there were none that would be of a suitable budget or time scale. If I were to get the prototypes made this would have made the whole brief look a lot more professional. Instead I had to make to with my own best judgement as to how the products could look most professional and me produced by myself.

Overall I am quite pleased with this brief, I feel I has answered the problem and I think it would work well in a retail environment. The branding is unique and not like anything on the market at the moment and I have learnt a lot along the process that will aid me in future projects.

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