Monday, 4 June 2012

Brief 5 Evaluation

This brief had two parts, but both answered the same problem. I wanted this brief to stretch my imagination and the limits of menu design. I didn't want this brief to have a particularly obvious solution and I wanted the menu's to serve more of a purpose than an ordinary menu would. The solution to the Chaophraya menu I feel opens up a whole new window to take away food. I enables a quiet night in with a take away to still be one of an experience and memorable a memorable one. The Chaophraya menu design enabled me to research deeply into consumer experience within food and what people want out of the experience. I feel with my take away experience that I have designed I have created a service that has not been done before and that also answers the brief in generating more money for the company.

Pickles and Potter was the other half of the brief and I feel here that I have tapped into a part of the market that hasn't been explored digitally yet. The solution of a daily updated app helps to keep customers interested and involved in the company with an ongoing exchange of information. Throughout this brief I have learnt more about app development, which I think is a key attribute to have in the ever increasing digital side to consumerism. The designing of an app means that you need to think of the story and journey that the customer will take with your product and meant that I needed to deal with ease of use, readability, accessibility and the fundamentals of weather the app would work.

I could have furthered these projects by adding more food companies to the list, however I didn't do this because I felt that I had explored greatly the ways that the said companies could generate more profit through menu design. If I were to further the project by creating more apps and take away design I feel it wouldn't have helped me grow as much as the initial menu's had; I would have been repeating myself and only putting into practice skills that I already had.

Overall I have enjoyed this brief thoroughly because it has had many different sides and problems to deal with. It has taught me a lot about both the craft and digital side of advertising food companies and has deepened my interest in designing for food stuffs.

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