Sunday, 29 January 2012

Book Differentiation

To differentiate between the two fashion yearbooks different stock will be used. For the Fashion design and realisation book glossy stock will be used. A high standard of photography will be used to photograph garment in this section and use of glossy stock will help to emphasise colours and bring depth to the page. For the Fashion Concepts and Communication book matte stock will be used. This side will still be heavily photographic, however it will include more developmental work.

To link the two books together the concept of circles will be used that is shown in my layout design work. Also, I think a nice idea would be to have a small case for the two books so that they can be viewed as a collection or independently. Something like this below could work well:

A simple card box means the yearbooks can easily slide in and out and can sit nicely on a shelf or a coffee table.

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