Monday, 16 January 2012

Yearbook - Concept

We have come up with some strong conceptual ideas for the yearbook as we think we need a strong idea to set us apart from our competition.

Our main idea is to have a running theme throughout the book of each student holding a big piece of white card in front of them with a statement they have personally written or that has influenced them throughout the course. This will give a quick insight into how people have been influenced and have gained from their experience on the three year course. Each student will have a double page spread with a picture of themselves with their board and statement including other contact and personal information.

Our statement quote and title for the yearbook is,

"We came, we designed, we conquered"

This is a humorous play on words from the original quote ("We came, we saw, we conquered")

It is a motivational, inspiring and self explanatory title.

For scattered feature pages inside we will have photographs of students in the year group fulling emotional faces. These will be collected into a photomontage of expressions showing how we have felt over the past three years on the course. 

To go along with this photomontage there will be written emotions thats reflect the title (we came, we designed, we conquered), so for example:

We cried
We failed
We succeeded
We made mistakes
We didn't sleep
We wore the same clothes for a week
We had sparks of genius
We lost the plot

This is a light hearted list of things that will run alongside other feature pages of statistics that will show what percentage of people wore the same clothes for a week, made mistakes etc.

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