Sunday, 29 January 2012

Final Layout Concept and Designs

These are the three layout designs that students will have to chose from. This helps make the layout more versatile for students to have what they want on their double page spread. A large circle of the main project image will be on the right, and differentiation will be on the left with a choice of either one vertical image or two images either in circles of rectangles. The students can also chose what they would liked o focus in on the image for the bottom design if they with to emphasise detail on a garment. One two or three projects may be used for each students double page spread. 

In regards to the information about the students the information will be set into an opaque rectangle overlaying onto a photograph. The colour of the box will be taken from a colour in one of the photographs on the page. This will make everyone's page more individual and personal. The type will be in Tall Films for the name and Didot for the body copy. The colour of the type will depend on the colour of the box. White of black will be chosen in relation to which is more visible and readable on each page. 

Information about each student will include, name, telephone number, email address and website. Also there will be a short blurb where students can write about themselves and their practice. 

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