Thursday, 19 January 2012

Brief 1 - Initial Ideas

So, first brief for my FMP will be one that I have already thought about in the previous module and will now be revisiting. The 'just rice' brief:

This brief is about designing and branding useful packaging. A lot of packaging made today only has a single use and once the contents have been taken out there is no need for it anymore. I suppose this brief is then thinking ecologically and sustainably on how to make packaging more useful and less wasteful. I have already done some research into deceptive and unnecessary packaging showing how objects can be completely over-packaged, creating unnecessary waste. This has intrigued me into how packaging, mainly in the food sector can be more robust and have longevity to the customer and not just serve the purpose of displaying it to the customer on the shelf in the store.

I really like my initial idea that I came up with last module of making a sugar shaker style mechanism to pour a specific amount of rice out of a spout. The problem to start with here was that when cooking rice os often over poured and too much is made due to it expanding whilst cooking. Having the pourer simply measuring it out for the customer by tipping it up once/ twice etc. depending on the amount of people the dish is for makes life that little bit easier. 

To help constrain my brief a bit so I have some direction to start with, I will be keeping the idea of designing and branding re-useable packaging for rice. This is all I will follow to start with because I already have quite a specific idea of what the outcome could be I don't was to restrict myself to a little bubble of ideas that I already have. I will re-research and idea generate for WHY the packaging could be re-useable, where it could be used, find gaps in the market, what is the target audience, what is the tone of voice, pricing, what will be proposed and what will be made? what materials work best, colours, size, etc etc!

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