Monday, 16 January 2012

Yearbook - Inside Layout Design

I deigned these layouts trying to keep them clean, simple, but also interesting and informative.

The concept behind this layout design is to keep as much of the page image. By using the opacity tool it is easy to put type into a box in front of an image without obscuring it.

The type will be either white or black depending on the colour behind the type, which ever is more visible and readable. The opaque box's colour will be sampled from a colour from the image it is on top of. This will keep the theme of pastel colours running throughout. 

The box contains information about the students: Name, Quote about who they are and their practice, Work placements and contact details.  

The layout is very simplistic with numbers linking image to text to help further explain the designs. 

The running concept of each double page spread is each individual student holding the white board with a quote on it. These images will be placed on each spread within a small box so it doesn't distract from the design work. It will help the page to be more personal.

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