Monday, 30 January 2012

Re-usable Packaging

Refillable rinks container that folds up for ease of storage when travelling.

Satchel sugar bean carry bag. Made from cotton and with all information printed onto the bag.

Chop stick case. Cute to carry with you when dining and also to keep in the kitchen. This increases the longevity of a chop stick instead of it being used once.

This packaging keeps popping up. Still love it as much as I did the first time I saw it. T-shirt comes inside the box, which then folds out to make a coat hanger for the garment.

Packaging and safety cover for children's scissors.

Packaging and safety carry case for scalpel. The packaging looks like cut offs from something you would cut out using the scalpel and makes the packaging very relevant.

Cardboard chair. Doesn't look the most comfy or stable of designs I have ever seen. But maybe you must try before you judge in this case.

Packaging is the product. Case turns into light shade. Isn't the prettiest thing and doesn't have a very good shape due to the positioning it was in whilst being packaging. Another design that I can't find is similar to this but uses cardboard instead of plastic.

Can of fish. Paper clips disguised as a can of sardines. This reusable packaging is also a very good idea for paperclips as they often scatter themselves over your desk or drawers and make a mess.

Amateur version of a similar gadget. The gadget measures spaghetti per person by passing it through a hole. This is the same idea however has been incorporated into packaging. I don't like the design of this packaging and it hash;t been made very well, however it has a concept behind it. This concept reflects the reusability of the rice packaging I am designing. It measures the amount per person for ease of use and reduction of wastage. 

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