Monday, 23 April 2012

Brief 5 - Chaophraya - Menu Making

I want the menu to be very sturdy and robust so I am covering mount board with the printed and foiled cover designs.

The menu had to be completely central on the board to make it look right and all wrinkles and crinkled to be flattened out. I used a glue stick for this as it wouldn't bubble the page and is quick drying.

Even though the back of the covers will not be visible when glued onto the menu I have backed them with the same white paper used for the designs so that all of the mount board is covered incase any happens to show through unexpectedly.

The menu is then glued to the printed paper design with glue stick again. Folding the menu in a concertina design was hard to ensure that all of the creases where in the right place so the text lined up and folded and opened correctly.

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