Monday, 23 April 2012

Brief 5 - Chaophraya - Packaging Net

I really like the packaging design below. I think it would work great with my concept of origami and the folds will help keep in heat. 

The only problem I have is that I can't find the net anywhere on the internet or in any books so I need to decipher myself what the net is.

I found one very complicated net that I thought would work, however it turned out to look a bit like roadkill..

This was the most similar design that I could find and I didn't want the bottom to detach. The seams need to be in the right place so that the box will keep liquid and heat in.

My initial net that I made consisted of eight sides with one line joining the centre circle point to the outer circle point. The other line came out at a right angle from the respective line. This was my initial analysis of how the net should look. It didn't go very well to plan.

The angles were wrong and therefore the packaging wouldn't close properly.

The next attempt I changed the angles

This attempt was successful. The angles all lined up perfectly and the box closed securely.

I want the box to be very simplistic like the original box I have got inspiration from therefore I will just be using plain card to match the other aspects of the branding. To keep the inside of the box watertight I will be laminating the inside of the card. This will help stop the box from leaking.

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