Monday, 30 April 2012

Brief 6 - Fashion Student Tag Inspiration

The tag needs to represent both the clothes and Georgina. I would like the tag to have something special and unique to Georgina's work and not just a bog standard swing tag.

A range of colours could work well to create a range.

Feminine shapes and cuts give personality to the tags.

I really like the idea of cut out or layers.

How will the tags be attached to the clothing? Hook, pin, knot slot?...

Typical luggage or postage labels. I could have a twist on this traditional design to make it more modern and luxurious. 

The branding should be very strong and visible. String to attach the tags could have Georgina's logo on them.

Unique shapes will make the design stand out.

I really like these tags. They are very elegant and minimalistic. They have small details that give it character.

I really like the use of material here to give it a more aesthetic finish. 

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