Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Brief 6 - Fashion Student Branding

Today I met up with a third year fashion student called Georgina Lewin to discuss a collaboration between the two of us. For her final major project she needs all her branding done, below is a list of the things she requires:

Branding -

Swing Tags - minimal
Neck Labels - collection name
Logo - full name
Business Card - name, contact details - no images of work.
Lookbook - to be discussed.

Deadline 10th May!

The overall feel I got from meeting Georgina is that she wanted the designs to be very minimal so that they could be used on a wide range of projects, present and future. She likes the modern, elegant and high end aspect of design and would also like there to be a touch of personality to the work created with hand drawn design.

Below are some snap shots of images she emailed through to me to give me an idea of her drawing style and to see if there was any inspiration I could take from this to incorporate into the branding side.

These designs are very pattern based, however Georgina also showed me some of her garments that were very minimal. I will try and marry these two ideas together to give an overall feel of her as a designer.

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