Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Brief 5 - Restaurant Choice

So first of all I need a list of restaurants/Bars/cafes/bistros to chose from in the Leeds area. I will be selecting from places in the city centre area as Leeds is a very up and coming city and I would like this project to help promote city centre dining.

I have looked into food establishments in the Leeds City Centre and have categorised them below. I would like to ensure that this brief keeps in line with my SOI so I will be looking at places that exude class and have unique qualities. They don't necessarily have to be expensive, however they should already have an pleasant interior as this isn't a project to redesign the whole of the company's look and their ethos.

Below is a list of places that I need to look further into. The list consists of places in the Leeds City centre area that also adhere to the type of food establishment that I would like to design for and that I feel need 'shaking up' in terms of their creativity and unique qualities. The list will then have to be explored further looking at the interiors of the places and their menu's most importantly.

River Plate
Sam's Chop House
The Conservatory
La Tasca
Chino Latino
Bella Italia
Living Room

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