Monday, 20 February 2012

Brief 5 - Restaurant Menu's To Do

I will be selecting a range of restaurants/cafes/bistros/bars in Leeds that I feel need their menu's redesigning. I will chose between 3-8 food establishments to work with. The main objetive of this brief will be to redesign their menu. However, the menu will have to fit in with the current interior design and corporate identity if they are to work well. With this in mind my menu designs will expand into a range of important corporate and experiential aspests of dining... below is a list of things that could be designed for each place:

Food establishment experience:
Reservation card
Drinks menu - Wine, Cocktail, Beer, Soft,
Food Menu - Main menu, Dessert menu.
Wine glass
Business card
Server's Order Pad
Server's Uniform
Bill Wallet
Comments Card
Loyalty Card
Special's Board
Take Away Mini Menu
Take Away container and bag

Also thinking about the branding itself I will do some work on each place's logo design.

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