Friday, 24 February 2012

FMP First Crit

For the first crit I showed all of my proposed briefs, however I decided to focus on brief 5 and get feedback solely on this so that it was more focused. I showed my initial ideas for the Oracle bar menu.

1. Consider focusing one restaurant and rebrand all of it instead of doing several menus for several restaurants.

2. Need more appropriate range of deliverables. What will you learn?

3. Well thought out layout ideas and materials used convey high end luxury brands.

4. Fits SOI well, how could this project be taken further? Web/ Promotional material?

5. Take into account the concept of the band, style, interior when creating menu's. Try to break away form the normal menu design. Look at notepad formats and ipads, etc.

6. It seems quite narrow what you are re-branding.

7. If you are changing the menu's the overall branding will change for the restaurant.

8. What is the problem you are solving? How are you helping the companies get more profit from re-designing menu's?

9. Try to use restaurants from different price ranges/ style/ cuisine to show a range.

10. Menu could be four per restaurant: wine, starters, main, desserts.

From this feedback it is clear that I need to be more direct with what it is I am trying to accomplish from this brief.

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