Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Brief 1 - Design Direction

My initial idea of using the sugar shaker for the mechanism for measuring the amount of rice is slightly floored...

I would either have to buy a sugar shaker and put my design onto the packaging or make my own sugar shaker. If I bought a sugar shaker I would be using an existing design that is not my own, also the measurer in the sugar shaker may not measure the correct amount of rice per person. If i made the sugar shaker design myself this would take a lot of work and would look messy I think. I would have to either glue or solder the measuring spout to the lid and to fit inside the container. This seems like a really complicated way of creating the design to make it myself and I am not happy to but a sugar shaker that is already made.

My next move...

My next idea is to already have the rice portions measured when you buy the product. The packaging will hold the portions and you select/pour/take the amount of portions necessary for your meal. The use of the packaging will be to enable the customer to quickly know how much rice they need to use. The portions will always be in per person so that any number of people can be catered for.

My initial idea is to use a cylinder, like the part that would be on the sugar shaker to hold the rice.
Have a box for packaging and have sections inside the box that  you perforate to open. Each section has one portion of rice. This would be the lower cost idea.

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