Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Brief 1 - Evaluation

This brief has helped me gain experience and knowledge in the more practical side of graphic design. I designed and made all of the packaging using materials, equipment and departments within the college that I never have before. I found it very exciting and interesting to re visit skills that I haven't used for a few years, such as sanding, buffing and sawing. It helped me to get hands on with my work which I feel is something I may have perhaps lost touch with through out the last year. Also, it tok me away from the computer and looking at 2D and paper based ideas for a while, which in turn helped to give me a different perspective and refreshing insight into the capabilities within both graphic design and with myself.

Trial and fail was a big part of this project as sometimes I was relying on machinery to accurately cut out the acrylic for the test tube housing and this proved to be very inaccurate. I then had to find other ways to solve this problem and this ended in a longer hand made process taking more time and making my schedule fall behind. In the end however, this made the better result and finish for my product.

I feel if I had more time I would have done more initial research and development for this brief however, the short time scale that I was left with made me have to think on my feet and design as I was creating in some places. I am very happy with the overall result and I think this is because every design decision that was made had reasoning and thought behind it. The product solves the problem in the brief and I could see it on a shelf in a high end retail environment.

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