Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Brief 5 - Pickles and Potter Deli App

It's been a while since I looked at the Pickle and Potter's phone app part of this brief. I have been mainly focussing on the take away items for the Chaophraya restaurant for inclusion in the yearbook.

Here is a quick recap for myself to get me back focused on the task in hand and result I wish to get.

1. Pickles And potter deli have a changing menu everyday because they have homemade produce and therefore have specials of the day/ week etc.

2. People need to know what the specials are before they get to the deli to see what their options are.

3. There could be an option to place an order to the deli and then collect it at lunch time.

4. App will include a standard menu and will feature daily updates on offers and new foods.

I like to think logically and systematically so here is a list of the ways people will find out and interact with the app design....

  • Advertisement for the app will be featured at both shops for existing customers. Mailers will be sent out to Leeds surrounding offices advertising the company's new app for midday lunch breaks. Scannable tags can be used on posters around leeds city centre to tell people about the app and link them straight to the app download page.
  • When people have found out about the app either a scannable tag or the name of the app will direct them to the app store to download it for free. The app will be free initially to drum up interest and then in future may be charged at a small price of £0.69 to increase profits. 
  • Once the app is downloaded it will send daily messages to your phone informing you of the daily and weekly deals. Options will give you the choice of what days you want to me informed and at what times. In this case the update could act as a wake up alarm or reminder for lunch break.
  • Featured on the app will be a standard menu, specials menu, options for messages and reminders, order form, buy online or offline choice, pick up time, repeat order, opening times, map, 

Now I need to get on with designing and making it.

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