Monday, 7 May 2012

Brief 4 - Photography Collaboration Test Imagery

The whole of the project revolves around jewish jewellery that has a story or a deep history. 

Benji did a test shoot of a Rolex watch his brother owned so that I could play around with the images to see if I was getting the right feel for the project.

The raw images that I received from him weren't exactly as I expected. I thought the background would be blank or just a solid colour, however the watch was photographed round a tube of foil and a tube of duct tape. This made it quite hard for me to cut out initially. Also the foil and tape reflected off the watch and made shadows and unwanted glare on the watch. The watch was also quite dusty. These were all things that I had to factor in and amend in Photoshop before I even thought about working on the design.

The design idea that I went for was one that Benji said stood out to him that photographer Mike Diver had created:

The design shows a futuristic, high contrast and dream like water splash image.

Here are the designs that I made, influenced by Mike Diver's image above. I didn't want the image to be a carbon copy and therefore I went for different colours and shading.

Experimentation with bright colours to add depth and interest.

I layered the water to make it look deep and 3D

The final images I sent to Benji are below.

He said he loved the images his tutor agreed as well. This gave me a great boost of confidence as I was quite apprehensive collaborating with a student from a different course initially in case I couldn't meet their needs and wants.

After this we set up a drop box online for him to post images to from photo shoots.

I found it quite hard to know what to do with the images as all the direction I had was to 'make them look luxury and glossy'. There are many aspects to approach and view luxury and this in turn conjured up a few disagreements and therefore had me re-do designs multiple times.

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