Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Brief 3 - Fashion Yearbook - Contents Designs

Here are design I made for the contents page. We wanted the contents to be very easy to navigate and therefore utilise white space with a touch of colour.

It seemed most appropriate that the structure of the contents related to where the breaker spread lie in the book. Four columns of the four sections were used to create a purposeful structure.

The students work is separated form the acknowledgements and quotes to help again to define sections.

I experimented with lines slashes to relate to the cover, however I feel that the contents works better without them because it is a navigation page it needs to be as easy to read as possible.

Adding the contents title.
Here I linked the positioning and size with the titles for the acknowledgments and quotes pages.

Final Contents Page:

The final contents page is very simple and clean. With splashes of colour from the cover and inside theme. Non student pages at the beginning and the end of the book are separated from the students and here work well as a reflection effect.

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