Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Brief 4 - Photography Collaboration - Book Inspiration

Very simplistic logo at the side of the page gives brand strength.

Packaging could be nice to give a finishing touch to the book.

hard back book seems the best option because it will make it more robust for use in an exhibition.

Text overlay could work well on the documentation photography.

For a cover broken up mix of all the image would create an abstract insight inside the book.

Quotes dotted around the book or as title pages for the individual jewellery pieces.

Simplistic bight end eye catching. Minimal = maximum.

The use of handwriting gives a more personal feel the to quotes giving them more of a message to the audience.

Because the jewellery are all from different owners they have quite a jumble effect. The cover could incorporate this in its typographic design.

Beautiful and elegant material for the cover will give the inside that extra bit of authenticity.

Layout idea. Contrast between double page spreads.

Border idea for the layout works well with type  information.

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