Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Brief 5 - Pickles and Potter Deli App Initial Ideas

With the deli, the whole point of this brief is to design a menu that will increase profit. I will therefore not be rebranding or redesigning the branding for the deli, however I will put my spin on their branding to make it fit in better with the app and make it stand out more in the saturated market.

My initial idea is to keep the app looking very homely and reflect the existing interior of the stores in Leeds. Blackboards, dark wood, string, craft decoration.

Here are a few images that got my imagination working.

Traditional black board with structured chalk typeface

Chalk used to draw objects, could be used to draw products.

Feminine and traditional frames for chalkboards.

Wood relates back to nature, but adds a modern twist with the laser printing.

The idea of a wooden chopping board is very rustic. It could work making it look like it was a place setting with crumbs on it  and little sprigs of herbs.

Chalk board with intricate design catches the eye because it is unusual to see something so structured on a black board.

This is a good example how structured logos can work along side hand drawn black boards. This look is very personalised and expresses the feeling of quality.

For the chalk writing it could be drawn using a white pen instead of a piece of chalk to make the text more easy to read.

Wooden frames and ribbon add a homely feel.

Structured typefaces works really well.

Another example of rustic and modern working well together.

Writing can be put anywhere

Wood background gives a homely and relaxing feel.

Structured writing.

Thinking out of the box of what could be a blackboard. You can write on anything.

Black doesn't have to be used for a chalk board. Different coloured boards and different chalk compliment each other.

homely touches fit in well with the Pickles and potter style.

Flowing 'handwitten' typefaces could work well for the specials board to emphasis that they only there for the day or the week.

Images of fresh food or what the menu is describing give the audience a context and emotional involvement. 

Wood and chalk baord are going to be my main focus, with a touch of rustic food and craft embellishment.

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