Monday, 7 May 2012

Brief 4 - Photography Collaboration Image Designs

The next images Benji sent me through were of two rings. Here basically I was given free reign as to what I wanted the designs to be. Here I could have done with a bit of design direction from Benji, possibly a story or theme to go by so that the designs weren't completely just my own interpretation.

Here I played on the swirled patterns created by the twisted gold by using soft colours for the background and light accents around the ring itself. Benji didn't like this design as he wasn't sure what it was saying about the jewellery of anything.

This design is also inspired by one of Mike Diver's Photographs. The dark, high contrast hands oppose the light shining silver and gold ring. Benji thought these designs didn't work very well.

Benji had also noted the idea of snow as one of the themes. I experimented with the idea here with a very sharp image of snow I took with the ring placed aas if it had been dug into the snow slightly. Benji's response was that he didn't like the image of the snow and the he would prefer a different type of snow, also that it didn't look as realistic as the initial images of the Rolex watch that I did.

At this point I was quite dis heartened because I had spend a couple days on these designs going to sleep in the early hours of the morning to achieve these results that didn't seem to have helped make any progress. 

So I then spoke with Benji to see if we could take a more direct approach to the whole design situation  so I could be more focused in what I was being asked to produce in order for less time to be wasted. 

We then decided to look at quotes from the owners of the jewellery along side the jewellery its self to see if we could make connections to form a design. 

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