Monday, 5 March 2012

Brief 2 - Block Pastel Branding

I have been inspired by a recent video made by Nicki Minaj. The makeup she wears in the video is bold pastel colours with a white base. I think this bright block pastel affect could work well with the branding. IT would still keep a teenage fun approach to the make up, but can also be made more mature with the use of type and layout design. 

I really like the idea of photography highlighting different area of the make up ranges. This approach is high fashion and approachable, but also has a unique edge.

Again the block colours work well here to show sophistication.

Pastels express femininity and beauty.

Range of possible pastel colours.

Pastel colours could be quite subtle in some advertisement and more bold in other cases.

Adding depth to one colour gives it shadow and tones.

Fresh and free feeling given off by soft pastels.

Mixed pastels work together on the run way.

Branding incorporating pastels. Easy to use a wide range of colours that work well together. 

I think that black makes the pastels look more sophisticated and brings them together.

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