Thursday, 22 March 2012

Brief 5 - Cutlery Designs

Magnetic chopsticks clip together and slot together.

Chop sticks slotted inside bamboo stick.

simple paper packaging with logo on the top of the chop sticks

Alternative cutlery set.

PEG CHOPSTICKS! ideal for those who are beginners.

I really like the tag and patterned packaging. It really has a sense of traditional chinese style which I could reflect into Thai style.

Chop stick handles

Shiny branded chop sticks would keep for a long time. Not sure if I need the sticks to be single or multiple use.

High end Chop sticks.

Simple paper packaging with logo on works well.

Engraved chop sticks are a good way to print without using ink.

Wooden, chopstick style cutlery.

I really love the use of pattern and colour with these chopsticks packaging. It really brings a normal chop stick to live and makes it more interesting.

Beginner chop sticks above and below.

Chopstick and knife and fork hybrid for those who find decision making hard.

Very simple and sleek design could work well with my brief.

SImple and beautiful splash of colour.

Spoon attachment for noodle and sauces.

Another fork, knife and chopstick hybrid that slot together. 

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