Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Yearbook Concept Ideas

Front Cover Concept
The two books need to link together and at the moment we have decided the link to be on the covers.  Having the titles spilling over on the spines so that when they join they spell out fashion. Separate they spell out the different path ways within the fashion course.

Inside Concept
The concept wants to loosely relate to fashion without being stereotypical or obvious. The idea so far is to use diagonal lines within the imagery and type to represent the cutting/ pattern making/design/experimentation/ influenced elements of fashion.
The diagonal lines will help link imagery and type together and also add a more interesting angle to the layout.
Quotes from the tutors will be at the beginning using either foil or UV varnish to help them stand out.
The content page will have the names of the students on a slant.
The name and information for each student on their double page spread will be on the right hand side reading down.
Typeface: Gill Sans - 10pt for contact info, 9pt for body copy.

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