Monday, 5 March 2012

Brief 2 - Brief Re-fresh and Initial Ideas

What is the problem and what is the brief asking?

Engage sassy young individual women - 14-19 year old

Make the brand impossible to ignore

Easy/ instant access

Strong concept - 3 touch points - Packaging, Advertisement, blog, POS, product, event, own able promotion (orange wednesday).

Spirited, contemporary, fresh, modern.

Initial Ideas

How can you engage young individual 14-19 year olds?
What are they interested in?
Where do they go?
What do they do?
What do they talk about?
What are they influenced by?

My initial response to all these questions are that every teen is individual. They are at a time in their lives where they want to be experimenting with who they are and what they like and they need to be encouraged to do so and not feel the need to just fit the mould.

Giving the products individual personalities eg, wild, rock, fun, girlie, could encourage teens to experiment with different styles.

The new overall feel of the brand needs to be more 'grown-up' and not condescending. Need to bridge the gap between teenagers and adults.

Maybe the products could have events - girls night in, pamper night, movie night, dinner.

Online could be a website and facebook - 'Which character are you' interactivity.

What would be best to design?

I need to pick the things that will benefit and impact most for the brief.


I will be focusing on designing for the packaging, product, incentives(concept) and interactive media (internet,blog, facebook).

My main idea so far that I would like to explore further is to help bring all the sub products together by using the concept of giving the products individual identities and personalities to help encourage teenagers to be individual and who they want to be.

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