Thursday, 8 March 2012

Progress Tutorial - Brief Update

Brief 1 - Packaging

Brief 2 - 17

Quickly finish this just for submission.
After submission further the brief.
Think about colour and how the audience can interact with the brand.
What styles are they. Teenagers can change their style with their mood.
It is all about experience in store and how it can stand out.
This could be integrated with brief 1, looking at re-usable and conceptual packaging. How can the packaging change with the style of the customer?
Extreme styles like gothic, clubbing, glamourous, holiday, etc.
How far can I push it? - Adverts, Photoshop renders, interactivity.

Brief 3 - Fashion Yearbook

This is ongoing and has been all timetabled. We are waiting for the pictures and have received the information already. Layouts need to be made by Monday.

Brief 4 - Photography

This brief is slightly boring me, if I can't see it going anywhere or benefitting myself then drop it.

Brief 5 - Menu

The Pickle and Potter menu design app just needs to be designed now with information - think about ordering on the app.

Chaophraya takeaway menu needs to give the customer the same sort of experience at home. How can you make a gourmet takeaway? Think about every part of the experience. The menu should look into stock, finish, size, distribution, purpose (wallet/bag size). Think about bags and cutlery as well.

Yo!Sushi may be a problem. Because the brand has such a strong identity already there wouldn't be much designing required, it would just be a matter of putting the branding onto the digital interface.

So thinking of a way to 'revolutionise' another restaurants menu. The idea of the digital menu is to make to restaurant have no need for waiters. So.... to keep the idea of having a conveyor would enable to chefs to serve the food and therefore still need no waiters. Tapas comes in small portions and could also use a conveyor to be served.

I will be designing the restaurant style for a Tapas establishment. I need to do some research into what restaurant I will be choosing. I will be basically putting the Yo!Sushi idea and converting it into a Tapas style so that I can play around with the branding.

Brief 6 - Short Briefs

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