Monday, 5 March 2012

Brief 2 - Teenage Makeup

Looking around at forums, on the web and collecting primary research from teenagers regarding what make up they use it has become clear that there isn't a specific brand targeted at the teenage market that is widely used. The two most prominent brands aimed at the teenage market are Miss Sporty and 17. Neither of these brands were actually mentioned anywhere in my research and therefore proves that they aren't doing the job that they are setting out to achieve.

However, Miss Sporty has a significantly bigger online and interactive base that I will show below.

Google Search

Website homepage

Website suggestions

Website fun

Website personality and ethos.

Website - Linking the online to stores.

Website newsletter

Website interactivity

Facebook account.

17 has almost no influential online space to play with and no other efforts seem to be being made to interact with the customer and make the brand interesting and exciting other than just on the stand in store and even the stand isn't ground breaking.

From the research, I gathered that teenagers are choosing to use 'adult' brands that perhaps their parents would use. Brands such as Maxfactor and Maybelline were reoccurring. In today's society teenagers want to grow up fast and they don't want to be undermined and treat like children anymore. They are at the transitional stage developing into adulthood and using childish and perhaps outdated methods of trying to appeal to them is evidently not working.

Whilst the interactivity and stimulation from the Miss Sporty brand is interesting it still hasn't managed to capture the right audience - if any audience at all.

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