Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Brief 2 - Personality Traits

I will be focusing on 5 personality traits to express through the make up range. I want to pick a wide range from teens to chose and experiment with:

beauty queen
party animal

Although I do like these personality traits above I feel that they are perhaps a little patronising and maybe a little young for the audience. Also taking into consideration that the audience want to feel grown up

Natural Beauty

The range could appear to have 'super powers'. When you wear the range you become a different person... confident/confidence, etc.

The 'super powers' need to relate somehow to what 17 products already exist. I will be re-branding the products however the colours and effects are important to emulate.


Peep show
Wild Metallic
Photo Flawless
Wild Curls
Va Va Voom
Spring Fling
Miracle Matte
Hide and Chic
Supreme Shine
Mirror Shine
Instant Glow

There is a core collection of make up products that have the same branding throughout, however the list above is of random products that have only two or three in the collection. They seem somewhat lost in the branding and don't really fit anywhere specific.

I will be giving the core make up a stronger brand identity and creating 4 other categories for these collections to fit into. I think all of these odd items needs to be scrapped and to have a clear set out of personalities or traits that these products can give you.

I will keep the same names that are used already but unify the branding. Every product created by 17 has its own name. These products will still have this but will create a stronger brand identity with their individual groups.

The four groups and their products will be:

Photoshoot Flawless
Photo Flawless - Mascara
Instant Glow - bronzer
Miracle Matte - foundation

Va Va Voom - mascara
Wild Metallic - eyeshadow
Mirror Shine - lipstick

Natural Beauty
Spring Fling - eye shadow
Adapt-itude -  foundation
Hide and Chic - concealer

Jaw Dropper
Supreme Shine - lipstick
Magnetized - nail polish
Wild Curls - mascara

The colours that match best with each section are as follows:

Photoshoot Flawless - Pink
Out-Standing - Orange
Natural Beauty - Blue
Jaw Dropper - Yellow

These colours will be directly linked to each collection and will be both the brand identity and the difference between each collections.

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