Thursday, 22 March 2012

Brief 5 - Take Away Menu Folds

I have come across a range of ways that I could use to fold my menu. Because it is a vast menu it needs to be compact and therefore easily transportable in wallets and bags as well as being stored at home. I want the menu to reflect the class and quality of the existing restaurant menu. The existing menu has foil blocking and embossing. I would like the take away menu to be a mini version of the main menu and therefore have to decided to make it the same shape, an elongated portait. 

The Z card has been of a particular interest to me and here are a range of variations of the Z card and designs that are possible. 

Here the material isn't just paper for the front and back cover, it has used leather to make the cover to give it a higher quality finish and make it more robust. 

For most of the z cards the material is thin paper and card for the ends.  To make the design more sturdy and robust I could use cardboard and cover it with material or a paper design. 

Envelope to keep the menu safe in transit.

Cover designs - don't just have to be rectangle shape. 

Net for the Z card booklet.

This is the design that is already being used on the menu's. As I said I want the take away menu to be a 'mini me' menu and this could be a good idea to use the same folding method. Although.....because the menu will be a lot smaller, just copying the design from the big menu to the little will make the text unreadable. There needs to be more paper for it, so maybe the z card would be better above.

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