Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Brief 5 - Chaophraya - Why Chose Take Away?

Eating in a restaurant is surely better than getting a take away? You get waited on, the price is the same as it would be if you got it to go and you get the experience of the restaurant...

Pros for taking away:

Can't be bothered to go out
You dont have get dressed up
Movie/ Tv night in.
If people know that the food is good from the restaurant they are more likely to have the take away there instead of somewhere else.
Eating alone
Possibly better quality than a normal take away because it is also a restaurant.
Fully booked restaurant.

What do people want from takeaway?
Good quality food - chefs responsibility
Food to be hot - Packaging materials and assembly need to be considered. Thermal qualities.
Fast delivery - Chef and drivers responsibility.
No washing up - Good packaging design so that no plates or cutlery need to be used.
Correct food to arrive - labels on the packaging indicating what is inside.
Freebies when spending a certain amount. - spend indicators to indicate when you are entitled to a freebie.

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