Monday, 5 March 2012

Brief 2 - Use of Colour

Colour is a very powerful tool to help express different emotions and feelings.

A way to show different personalities and aspects of something is to use colour. I will be looking here at colour and how it can influence different objects.

Using colour brings fun and excitement back into the make up and doesn't make it too serious it will also help it stand out on the shelf.

Ranges of products often come on a variety of colours to try and appeal to the biggest possible market. But, colours don;t just have to express personality...

Crisp flavour

Book genre

Medicine purpose. The colours help to easily decipher which box you need if you are in a rush. 

Calendar month. It really like the use of tones for each coloured month. It broadens the range further. 


Make up

Clothing dye colour.

Chocolate flavour

Tea Flavour

Knife purpose


Body butter smell

Sause flavour

Laptop cover

Candle smell - I really like the subtle change of colour here. It helps keep the branding simple and easy to understand.

Hair care smell and compatible hair type.

Nail varnish colour range works really well with the pop art style formation.

Colour of plate in Yo! Sushi relates to its price.

Range of business cards colours relate to different people in the business.

Macarons coloured for flavour.

Golf balls - take your pick.

I love bold pastel colours. This idea could work well for a branding idea. Using colours to separate the personalities. 

Colours expressing who you are.

Nail varnish range. Pastels work well with black and white.

Block, bold pastel colours work very well to express different personality traits.

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