Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Brief 5 - Chaophraya Experience

The Chaophraya experience is one that exudes luxury and is heavily influenced by the traditional Thai culture. Dining in the restaurant you are greeted by Thai only waiters and waitresses. The table is already decorated with giant silver plates and tall serviette sculptures. Your serviette is removed and placed on your lap by your server. The food is very elaborate it could be classed as an art form. For special celebrations traditional Thai instruments and thai songs are sung to the customers. The whole experience is very authentic and it isn't just about the food you are eating it is the whole journey of your visit from start to end. I need to reflect this experience in the take away service I will be designing for. There is already a take away meu, however it isn't advertised and there is no special experience you get with your takeaway. My aim is to recreate the experience you get whilst dining in the restaurant and put it into designs for take away materials so it feels just as special for people to take away. 

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