Monday, 5 March 2012

Brief 5 - Initial Menu Thoughts

So I need to think how these restaurants can change their menu design to help decrease costs and increase profits.

I need to outline possible areas where these restaurant's are missing potential custom. I have dined at all of these places and therefore I will use my own knowledge and experience so far to analyse them.

Loch Fyne
Gourmet Burger Kitchen 
Pizza Express


The Living Room

The restaurants below have areas that could be improved to make for a more exciting experience for the customers.

Yo-sushi - Harvey Nichols - very unique and concept driven, could have interactive table with the menu built in so people can order digitally. Because people get their food delivered via the conveyor belt there would be no need for waiters. This could cut the costs long term dramatically because there would be a lot less staff needed to serve.

Chaophraya - has a takeaway service but has no advertisement for it. Menu could be designed for takeaway.

Akbar's - This menu is very extensive and a lot of the dishes are unknown to the customer. To create awareness of new dishes a scratch and reveal card can be chosen with 50% off the dish you have to eat what is on the dish but it will be something new and exciting. You may chose how spicy you want however.

Pickles and Potter Deli - Deli's have a constant changing menu. You don't know what wil be served on that day until you get there. Create an app that updates its menu digitally, with alerts for new foods of the day or week. So you know what there is before you go. Constant stream of advertisement.

I have decided to exclude Akbar's idea as I think it may get a bit complicated and isn't specifically directed at making money. I will therefore be taking the Yo! Suchi, Chaophraya and Salt's Deli establishments forwards.

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