Thursday, 22 March 2012

Brief 5 - Serviette Designs

Standard take away design.

Magic towels - explained at the bottom of this post.

Shapes made from serviettes add character to them.

Clean, simple and fresh single serviette packets.

Simple drawing adds animation to the serviette packaging.

Quirky bow tie idea. 

Magic towel mid-expand.

These sachets have a nice design and feel however they look quite similar to sauce sachets and don't really break thw box of serviette packaging design.

A message on a napkin adds personality to a redundant object.

Branding on the serviette keep the corporate identity fluid and strong.

Adding a message of what the serviette could be used for is interesting and thought provoking for the audience.

Colourful packaging helps to create a range.

My favourite idea is to use magic coin towels. They start about twice the size of a 2 pound coin and then you add boiling water at they rise and expand. Then you can unfold then and you have a lemony hot towel to wash your fingers after your meal.

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