Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Brief 5 - Take Away Inspiration

Take away packaging design doesn't just have to be boring foil and plastic.

Pull out trays for different courses.

World standard packaging is quite simplistic and uses colours to differentiate between foods.

Packaging carry bag makes carrying a lot of food easy.

Handle design incorporates the branding. Easy to make different size and colours of boxes.

Simple stapled branding to secure the bag and to advertise.

Designer take away packaging

Designer food packaging.

Packaging that can be eaten from is good for ease of eating and no washing up.

Take away range shows what other products can link in to make a branded range. Drinks, sauces, chop sticks, boxes.

Stackable take away packaging. Good for multiple people and courses.

Drinks carriers that hold multiple drinks oculd be good to incorporate into food holder that hold food the right way up.

I really love the idea of wrapping the take away up in cloth or some sort of material so that it creates a picnic blanket when opened. This could even be a table cloth!!

Rip of carrier bag top. The food stays the right way when you carry it home and you dont have to take it out of the container to eat it.

I really like the thai and origami style packaging here. It realyl starts to incorporate how the experience could be brought home.

Finish, including foiling and embossing, etc need to be considered to get the correct standard and quality.

The design has to be very versatile to enable all foods to be packaged to the best quality and to make sure they are hot and fresh when they reach the customer.

Simple brown paper bag with branding and folded top adds a special something to something ordinary.

Thai style box designs are already used for many foreign cuisines and help express their culture.  Semi-transparent box gives the customer an indication as to what is inside before the packaging is opened.

Bamboo, brown paper and greens help to give off a thai feel.

The boxes dont have to fit the square designed already created they could be round, long, wide, depending ont he contents.

Inclusion of chop sticks is very important to help keep the design authentic and their packaging need to be considered as well.

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