Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Brief 5 - Chaophraya Take Away Ideas

At the moment Chaophraya have no take away menu's and also their packaging is the same as any other takeaway - Foil containers and plastic tubs. I think this is a real let down as the food is of such a high standard it loses its quality when it is put in boring standard containers.

I am therefore proposing to make items such as:

Take away menu - wallet size so it can be very transportable.
Packaging - Replace foil, plastic and polystyrene.
Bag - mock bamboo??
Cutlery - Chopsticks/ Knife and fork
Napkins - could be origami based?
Sauce containers
To create the Experience - Incense sticks + bamboo place mats, floating candle - scented candles, CD of music, table settings.

These designs need to reflect and incorporate the Chaophraya atmosphere and experience and take it home.

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