Thursday, 1 March 2012

Brief 2 - Brand Research

The cosmetics brand 17 is not very prominent on the internet. Searching for it on google it doesn't have it own website, its only has a space on the Boots website to showcase itself. It is in fact a sub brand of Boots and so perhaps the funding for advertisement for the 17 brand has been in low supply. The brief states that 17 want to be the cosmetic brand of choice for teenagers, but there is nothing for them to engage with online. They have a bebo account which seems to be the most updated of all of the webspace... Bebo isn't used by many people anymore and looking on Facebook for their page, there is one, but there is nothing on it! It seems to me that the brand has been somewhat neglected and needs to be brought up to date. In store the 17 section looks exactly the same as every other brands station. Getting the attention of teenagers means that the stand needs to stand out from the crowd.

17 needs to become more sophisticated and appeal to the 'young lady'.

I also noticed that there was a lot of individual brand identities within the 17 brand and the only real consistency was the number '17'. I think the best way to describe it is different 'themes', but this makes the brand seems like it has multiple personalities and that they aren't really sure who they want to be. The brand needs to express individuality not a muddle and confusion of who you are. 

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